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Kveet (Character info)
Kveet is Midling. Very nasty one to be exact.
Midlings are infamous for beign rude, beign everywhere and beign plain unpleasant company for many. Kveet however exceeds everything from that. He's just an old, grumpy and cocky bastard. Nobody likes him, and he likes nobody, that's his style of life.

However, despite beign alone around the big world, he have managed to settle in an abandoned scrapyard, build a small shelter and stick around the nearby city.
People do not like him, not only because he is a stranger, but because he is a Midling. And if any Midling sticks close to their families, Kveet has none. No family, no friends, just him.

But this does not stop him from getting what he wants. He is rather smart, and surprisingly strong for a Midling. 
Cocky enough to bargain with HAMMER themselves, He possesses information valuable enough to make Kveet safe from them.

Also, he is an alcoholic. Nobod knows why he's always drunk, but it seems to help with his buiseness, so nobody asks him any questions.
Eve (Character Info)
Eve is a Lunar lady, who never lived in the Lunar world. 
Very little is known about Lunars, but even less is known about her past. One of very few Lunars who ever appeared in the Overworld.
Because of her, people and scientists do know how lunars look like and how they function. Beign cought by HAMMER and forced through live dissection, now one more race is known to human kind.
Eve got VIP status in the society as a "Patron of progress", she got many priveleges and discounts all over the world.

Pretty much only Lunar in the Human society, she got a very stable place around. Many people willing to cast her in the cinema or photosession. 
But there are "less" legal things that may want her presence. Eve is a desirable target for slavers and mercenaries. Because there are always people, who want to get unique exhibitions, or pretty looking slaves to serve them.

But Eve's status in society and her natural skills allow her to stay safe and fight back in almost every scenario.
Beign VIP, and having "Patron of progress" status allows Eve to above many people, and if she want something, she always can ask for it, it would be the other's problem. But Eve does not abuse this status unless there is no other way.
Even though Eve never lived in the Lunar society, she is one of them. Not only having greater agility and speed, Eve also possesses unique psyonic powers, that can give her even more ways out of trouble, or ways through the society.

Even though she have great status and money income, Eve's desire is adventures. Wandering around the world in search of adventures and opportunities, she always have one person besides her, her lifelong friend who will be with her in her good and bad moments of life, always to give a hand.

P.S: Gonna do a series of sketches before the next sunday, then i'll take a week long break, and go traveling around the world :p
Want to improve my linework and detail skills, and then switch back to full colour.
Party at bar
Heya, did one more piece before making a small break :p

Basically this is my perspective on what supposed to be a collab with a bunch of artists, but from all of them only a couple decided to actually take part.

My characters are at foreground: Sly from left, and Eve from right (First time in an eternity drawing her :o)

Characters at background: 
Maxus at the very left, and Neo Nexus At the very right, they do belong to a friend of mine :iconneonxus17: Neonxus17 
And the middle one, ORBBE, belongs to :iconorbbe: ORBBE 

And all their characters do belong to them, my are only those who are atforeground.

Hope they do not mind me drawing their characters :p

As for the piece itself, i feel quite satisfied with that, but something feel off. Friend of mine said that it is due to a lack of details on the foreground, but i had no idea on what to add here.

Deep Beneath
Nobody knows anything about Gazer's sea, nor anything about it's inhabitants. But everyone knows that this place wil consume it's visitors, dragging them deep into the abyss. 
Sometimes, during clear weather you can see tiny lights shining deep beneath, these are Gazers, and they may be watching you back as well, you never know.

Nobody saw Gazers close enough to describe them, probably this is for the best.    

P.S: A lot of lighting and shining here. Been trying ambient light as well with volume. Came out pretty well-done (maybe).
Night Snack
Good day for huntress is a day, when she manages to get a food. Thankfully, Sly is smart and agile to hunt down an animal, to even start a fire with no tools. Now it's just a pieceful moments, when she can relax and eat some freshly cooked meat.    

Started this piece long-long ago, but unfortunately ended up in hospital, so I was unable to finish the job. Took me nearly a month to finish this one.
Alice's story is strange one. She belong to everywhere, but nowhere. Once was forced to be a part of HAMMER army, she stood against the brutal violence, that was so appriciated around. She was a scape goat in the community, constant beatups and taunts did not broke her however. She was forcefully modified to be a soldier, having upper half of her face, arms and legs replaced with premitive tech. But she kept resisting HAMMER's authority. She had beatdown much more brutal one after another. 
Once Alice killed a man when she tried to fight back. This was colonel's assistant. But colonel saw the potential in Alice, not punishing her, but placing Alice on the place of the assistant. With the help of Colonel, Alice got authority's attention. They finally gave her permission to be a combat medic.

After advancing and studying medicine, Alice got part in a huge war against rebels. They were surprised by HAMMER having a combat medic, and especially, when she was helping both sides. Despite that, Alice got heavilly injured during one of the major fights. Rebels attracted an attention of Dark Demon - Yuah, and Alice faced all the consequences of meeting Yuah. Loosing her hands, legs, and even facical plate. She was torn apart by the horrible beign, but was miraculously reanimated by the HAMMER's doctors. 

Alice lost part of her shoulder and completely lost her legs. Again, she got her artificial limbs from scrap in the nearest tent, and was thrown on the same battlefield where she previously got ripped apart. She was investigating undercity labyrinth with a big squad. Only Alice outlived that.

And now, thrown in the deathsquad, Alice finally got proper modification, that replaced rusted metal.
She was bullied in this bad company, but she gained respect with time. Beign able to patch up any wound right on the battlefield, Alice got more and more reputation over time. But then Alice was lured in the trap by criminal citizens that was calling for help. Alice got heavy damage and was burnt down by the citizens who had hated HAMMER so much. Alice went through the reconstuction, regenerated from burnet corpse. The recunstruction was rushed and Alice did not fully recovered ever after this. Having her flesh bleeding, feeling constant pain she became Guardian, addicted to medicine, almost executed for unregistred medicine usage. However, Deathsquad members stood for her, and Guardian had her place.

Years was passing by, Guardian has been saving thousands of people, both friends and foes. She did not care about side they picked up. She was obsessed with saving lives. 
people started to worship her, filling her with their willpower. When Guardian appears on the battlefield, war stops to let her pass through the warfare. She is known, and believed into. People started to call her a Guardian Angel. 

Then, Guardian had dissapeared under misterious circumstances. But people still see her appearing in different places around the universe. She comes when death is immenent, and she is the light in the end of the tunnel. She is Savior. She is Guardian.


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